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Investing in a brand for your business is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Understandably, we get a lot of questions about the finer details & inclusions of our branding packages. 

You probably already know that when you invest in branding, you get a visual identity—a logo, submarks, a color palette, typography selection, & collateral design. You presumably even know you’ll get your very own website at the end of the process. But these are just the visible parts of the brand—the tip of the iceberg. Are you aware of all the other lesser-known but incredibly impactful results of hiring professionals to develop your brand?

First Things First

Brand design & brand development are two completely different things, and it’s important to know the difference between a $500 logo designer & a $15,000 brand developer. 


When you pay someone $500 for a logo, that’s what you get—a logo. 


But a logo does not an identity make. 


When developing a brand, there is a certain level of strategy involved to ensure that your visual elements are consistent with your brand foundation, and that your entire brand operates as a tool to help you scale & expand your business. 


Without strategy, visual elements become useless—they’re all form with no function. 


In other words, investing in “just a logo” is a waste of money when it’s not paired with an overarching brand strategy & identity. You won’t be able to reap any benefits from branding with just a logo.


But when you hire a brand developer, you rest easy knowing that your entire brand is taken care of, & is created strategically to actually get you results. They’ll combine science & creativity, using them to create magic.


So, aside from the visuals, what results can you expect to see when you invest in branding?

1. A brand allows you to achieve crystal clarity on your vision & mission.

And clarity breeds confidence & an unshakeable mindset. 


At Zehra, we truly believe that your business can only be as successful as your belief in its success. Without a strong mindset & belief system, your business’s potential is limited. 


And a lack of clarity can cloud your judgement, decrease your confidence, & cause your mindset to suffer—all of which are not conducive to business success.


But after going through our strategy phase of the branding process, there is no room for indecisiveness or uncertainty. We analyze your target market & competitors, solidify your brand pillars, content pillars, & story, & clarify everything from your buyer’s journey to your client success journey. This ensures your business has a framework for continued success.


We also know that sometimes, seeing is believing. And when our clients begin to see their brand come to life through the creative process, their mindset & energy shifts as they see their hard work manifested into a solid brand identity. It all becomes real. 


This provides an extra boost of confidence & motivation to continue driving towards your vision.

2. A brand allows you to establish credibility & authority in your niche.

“Seeing is believing” doesn’t only refer to our clients seeing their brand come to life—it also refers to their clients’ interactions with their brand.


There is a clear difference between custom & DIY, and your soulmate clients take notice. When you invest in professional branding, you allow experts to take control of how your audience perceives you. Your audience’s perception influences their behavior, which in turn influences your impact & income. 


And it’s not just about looking good. Building credibility comes down to trust, and when you are able to provide a consistent, reliable, & on-brand experience to your audience & clients, you establish a strong foundation of trust with them, which results in more sales & more lives changed.


Experience is something we pride ourselves on, and it all starts with a solid brand framework. And with our Atelier Experience, we’ll elevate your brand above the competition & position you as the go-to authority & expert. 

3. A brand allows you to work smarter, not harder.

  • As founder & CEO of your business, we understand how difficult it can be to wear so many hats when you’re working in & on your business. Luckily, with a firmly established brand in place, your job (and your team’s job) becomes a lot easier. Your brand guidelines take out a lot of the guesswork, making it easier to implement SOPs & workflows to maximize time-efficiency & productivity without burnout. We also work to customize & automate your brand’s front-end experience so you can spend less time generating leads & closing sales, & more time delivering on your promises & enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

4. A brand makes it easier to close sales.

  • In fact, with a solid strategy & experience in place, you’ll find that the leads you’re generating increase not only in volume, but in quality as well. Your sales calls become more like confirmation calls, & your conversion rate increases. That’s because your brand does a lot of the heavy lifting for you—it sets clear expectations for your audience so they can better understand your business & how it can help them, resulting in better communication & visibility with your soulmate clients.

As you can see…

  • The results of the branding process don’t end when you receive your visual identity & access to your website. It’s a gift that keeps giving long after our process has ended, & ensures the longevity & success of your business for years to come!

If you’re interested in elevating your business to new heights with our Atelier Experience, inquire below about getting on the waitlist!

    Taylor Fournier

    Taylor Fournier

    Taylor is the COO, co-founder, & client success manager of Zehra Studio. Her creative expertise and portfolio includes works in graphic design, photography, content marketing, and more. When she's not managing the day to day operations of the studio or bringing clients' visions to life through strategy & design, you can find her indulging at a local happy hour or performing with the Connecticut Hurricanes Drum Corps.

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