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The Origin Story

One of my favourite things to ask people when I meet them is, “what is your origin story?”

See, I like imagining that every person is their own superhero with their own special powers. I truly believe that everyone is magical in their own way, and that everyone has their own unique purpose. Everyone is the main character in their own story, and when you allow them to step into that role, if only for a few minutes, it’s incredible what you can learn & understand about them.

A lot of times, these stories start off with someone out of alignment with their purpose, coming to the realization that they are indeed, out of alignment with their purpose. They experiment, trial & error, & embark on an incredible journey of personal development to rediscover themselves & find a solution to their problems. What usually ends up happening is they just sort of stumble upon their alignment & true purpose, and live happily ever after. 

It’s a story for the ages, isn’t it?

These are some of my favourite stories—seeing the look on someone’s face when they describe their triumphs & how proud they are of their own progress can be quite intoxicating. 

And truth be told, our partnership started off quite similarly to these stories.

From Humble Beginnings

Before our partnership even existed, actually, Fatima & I were working as solo entrepreneurs in the coaching space. We existed in the same circle, we knew of each other & had talked to one another, and we were technically each other’s competition.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic began, we both experienced a huge upheaval in our businesses & personal lives. A lot of the lessons we learned ran parallel with each other and dealt with themes of personal growth, evolution & letting go of previous identities, & rediscovering our beings & zones of magic. 

And as with any good story, as we learned more about ourselves, we made changes that shifted us further into alignment. By chance or by design, we began talking more & sharing our experiences with one another. 

Come to find out, we’re actually two peas in a pod in every sense of the phrase. We’ve since come to the conclusion that we are soulmates, best friends, & business partners, from our kindred spirits & visions to our complementary skillsets, right down to our nearly identical human design charts.

As our stories intersected, Fatima approached me with the idea of co-founding a branding agency together, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was my next step into complete alignment in my career & personal life. Truth be told, through countless conversations over the past year, we both realized that we’d had our eye on the same prize for years—we just lacked the wholeness of being in synergy with our other half (but not anymore!)…

So the Story of Zehra Studio Began…

… And in just 4 short months, we’ve already expanded to a team of 4 and are constantly creating magic day in & day out. 

And that’s a huge driving force for us here at the branding studio—we have a penchant for stories, and we seek to help others tell them in such a way that makes them feel seen, heard, & understood, while simultaneously allowing them to have a massive impact on the world.

Our Vision, Mission & Brand Promise

That’s the name of our game: impact. 

Coming from the coaching industry, we’ve found that there tends to be an unhealthy obsession with income in the online space. I love money as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong, but I believe that humanity & the positive impact we have on others is so much more important than the numbers in our bank account. And that’s what we’re here to facilitate. 

Our collective vision for Zehra Studio is to utilize our strengths in branding, storytelling, good design, & strategic problem-solving to transform our collective societies into more conscious economies. Our goal is to tackle the toxicity of the current capitalistic environment by making humanity the forefront of our commerce. We strive to help people reconnect with their humanity through incorporating it into our branding process, & help our clients tell their stories in a potent way that will magnetize their soulmate clients & aid them in living out their purpose. 

We believe in alignment, leisure, community, collaboration, creativity, & innovation, and our goal is to utilize these values to make massive impact by helping others make massive impact in their respective communities & niches—a ripple effect, if you will!

Will You Join Us?

  • Our existence is defined by the characters we create & the stories we tell. And as a boutique atelier, we transform brands into stories, ideas into magic, businesses into experiences, & founders into heroes. Think of us not as the champions of your brand, but as the guides that will assist you in the creation of your legacy. If you’re looking for a branding experience like no other, you’ve come to the right place. Inquire below about getting on the waitlist for our Atelier Experience package!

    Taylor Fournier

    Taylor Fournier

    Taylor is the COO, co-founder, & client success manager of Zehra Studio. Her creative expertise and portfolio includes works in graphic design, photography, content marketing, and more. When she's not managing the day to day operations of the studio or bringing clients' visions to life through strategy & design, you can find her indulging at a local happy hour or performing with the Connecticut Hurricanes Drum Corps.

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