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    The Aspire Experience

    “Just a logo” does not a brand make.


    A logo itself cannot convey the magic of your brand, the depth of your character, or the importance of your story. But an intentional visual identity paired with a solid brand strategy can.

    Branding isn’t about throwing a few words into a template & changing the font on Canva. It’s a thoughtful, involved process that results in not only a perfectly aligned identity, but tangible results such as increased connection with your audience & higher conversion rates.

    Our Aspire experience is designed to help emerging founders make their mark on their respective industries with a solid brand strategy & enchanting visual identity to ensure they are on track to success.

    In 4-6 weeks, we’ll cultivate an unforgettable brand for your business with detailed strategy & bespoke visual identity to ensure your business is equipped to distinguish itself from & rise above the competition.

    The Experience Deliverables

    Brand Strategy

    • Brand Discovery & Alignment
    • Target Audience Analysis
    • Soulmate Client Persona Mapping
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Content + Social Media Strategy
    • Buyer’s Journey Mapping

    Brand Design


    • Logo Design w/ 1 alternate logo & 1 submark
    • Typography Selection
    • Colour Palette
    • Brand Style Guide PDF
    • Social Media Branding
    • Choice of One Collateral

    Sales Page Design


    • One-Page Custom Site on Webflow
    • Appointment Booking Automation
    • Contact Page & Email CMS Integration
    • Partial Buyer’s Journey Implementation

    Our Time Together

    Brand Discovery

    1 week


    During this phase, we establish a strong foundation on which to build your unique, impactful brand. Our plan of action is informed by strategic vision & intention setting, target market & competitor analysis, & brand archetype mapping. We’re lovers of details here at Zehra Studio, so the more comprehensive the information, the better! This also ensures that we’re aligned with you on the vision & intention for your brand. We culminate the brand discovery phase with a custom brief & creative direction presentation.

    Brand Identity Design

    2 weeks


    Once our brief & creative direction has been approved, we focus on crafting your brand’s visual identity. From logo design, to colour palette & typography selection, you’ll watch your vision come to life as we perfect your visuals through 3 cycles of revision & redesign. We believe in doing everything with intention—we strive to make your identity both functional & beautiful. This is often the most exciting part of the process, as everything comes together visually!

    Sales Page Design

    1 weeks


    Once we’ve nailed down your brand identity, we’ll start to work developing your sales page. We begin by mapping out your buyer’s journey, which we use to create a wireframe that supports your sale page visitors every step of the way. Once the wireframe is approved, we move through 3 cycles of revision & redesign to ensure your sales page is on par with your vision. Upon approval, we move ahead & start implementing systems & automations to ensure that the form of the sales page matches its intended, robust functionality.

    What Does the Experience Include?

    Weekly Calls

    (worth $3000)


    This is where the magic begins to brew. It takes a village to grow a brand, really. During the our calls, we will strategize, discuss, and execute all the wonderful ideas you’ve been cooking up while also keeping you updated on the production in the backend. The aim for the calls is to not only give updates on the design progress but to also offer guidance so we can get your brand to where it deserves! During our calls, we will connect and ideate concepts that not only make a grand impression but also have a tremendous impact. Multiple minds are better than just one or two and so with that idea in mind, we will come together weekly to discuss, critique and guide you to success! The calls will be a mesh of coaching, strategizing & design updates.

    Visual Brand Design

    (worth $5000)


    Having a strategic & aesthetic brand design in place ensures that your brand makes a killer impression to make impact! You will get a custom designed brand identity that will all the elements needed including package design, stationary, etc. to elevate the f*ck out of your brand’s impression, as well as delivery experience.

    Custom Designed Sales Page

    (worth $2000)


    Sales pages are key to converting your audience into dream clients. It is not just an interactive poster to promote your offerings, it is an experience that keeps your client going on their journey of your brand. Since, our main purpose at The   Aspire Experience is to ensure you are immediately set up for success, you will be getting a custom designed Webflow sales page that is backed by a solid strategy that is custom to you! You will also learn the ins and outs of Webflow to ensure that you can navigate your sales page & even be able to build upon it all by yourself!

    Access to Slack Channel

    (worth $750)


    For when an idea or issue can’t wait for that weekly call, Slack is where its at! With 24/7 access to group and private chat, you will be able to connect with your wonderful Atelier community to help you find that detour to get yourself past the obstacle in your journey and closer to your destiny!

    Access to ClickUp with Dedicate Project Manager & Timeline

    (worth $1500)


    This is for all the geeks and type As! ClickUp is an amazing project management software that helps you stay on track in a collaborative environment. Once you sign up for our service, you will get invited to an individual folder on ClickUp that will have all of the program’s timelines and milestone all preset for you. With that said, you can change the timelines and milestone to your own pace and priorities. Either way, this is an amazing tool to keep you on track and ensure that we are doing everything we can to elevate your brand to the highest level!

    the Impacter’s Community



    Did we mention that it takes a village to establish a brand? I did? Oh well, let me say it again… It takes a village to establish a brand! Being part of The Aspire Experience means you’re part of the clique where we gather up and strategize together to help elevate each other’s brands to great heights!

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