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The holiday season is officially upon us, and with it comes an abundance of sales, discounts, & new offers. To tell you the truth, we weren’t originally planning on doing a sale for Black Friday, let alone creating an entirely new brand design offer. But, inspiration struck us hard, and we had an incredible idea we couldn’t NOT act on. One thing led to another, and now…

We’re launching something we’ve never done before on Black Friday, and we want you to have first dibs before it launches. 

Maybe you’ve had your eye on high-quality professional brand design for a while, but your budget hasn’t quite lined up with your vision.

Maybe you’re tired of DIYing your design, & want a brand identity you can feel confident in, without breaking the bank or spending months working it out with a designer.

Maybe you’re trying to decide between high quality, affordability, & quick turnaround, thinking you’re unable to have it all.

… not anymore.

Enter our new brand design offer: The Magique Experience.

The Magique Experience is a brand new limited time intensive offer that allows us to work together to craft a brand identity for you in just 8 hours. Yes, 8 hours.


When you sign up, you’ll fill out an in-depth discovery form so we can get acquainted with your brand. Once completed, you’ll sign up for an 8 hour time slot, in which we will present you with our creative direction, go into 2 rounds of production & revision, & end the day by delivering your shiny new brand.


You’ll get all the essentials of a professional brand identity (creative direction, logo design, colour palette, typography selection, & branded social media templates) delivered to you at the end of our intensive, with a brand style & use guide to make implementation a breeze. 


Our process is backed by solid strategy, so there’s no more guesswork about whether or not your brand is a perfect reflection of you & your values.

And the best part? We’re offering a discount to the first 5 people to sign up for Black Friday—which means you’ll get all of this for $1500.

Are you ready to elevate your brand in the new year?

You can reserve your spot today for just $750. Fill out the form below & we’ll be in touch with your next steps.

Have any questions or need more information? Book a call here to discuss the Magique Experience & if it would be a good fit for you!

Sign up below to receive $500 off & next steps for the Magique Experience!

    Taylor Fournier

    Taylor Fournier

    Taylor is the COO, co-founder, & client success manager of Zehra Studio. Her creative expertise and portfolio includes works in graphic design, photography, content marketing, and more. When she's not managing the day to day operations of the studio or bringing clients' visions to life through strategy & design, you can find her indulging at a local happy hour or performing with the Connecticut Hurricanes Drum Corps.

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