An Atelier of Magic

Zehra is a creative studio that believes in the power of stories.

Founded and run by Fatima Zehra, a storyteller at heart who believes in magic and endless possibilities. Zehra was founded in 2017 in hopes to inspire storytellers and bring more magic into this world.

At Zehra we believe that powerful stories are the ones that are narrated by utilizing all the mediums available, whether that is photography, design, illustration or interactive media. Therefore, our studio’s offerings are as limitless as the imagination of our storytellers.

It is our belief at Zehra that a brand that is formed with a strong story at its heart is the one that makes an impactful and a lasting impression. This is why at Zehra we strive to create brands that are memorable and unique, with content that is resonating, and relationships that are rich and strong. All the while striving to narrate stories that are meaningful and have depth.

For the Dreamers, Believers & Achievers

At Zehra, we work with dreamers, creators, inspirers and trendsetters to help them bring their stories to life. It is our goal to help make this world a more magical, dreamy place through creative collaborations and partnerships.

Let’s Brew Some Magic Together

If you’re…

A seeker who dreams of a magical existence.

A believer who recognizes the power of their unique story.

A creative who yearns to create an enchanting space and community.

An adventurer who is on the search to find their Personal Legend.

We might just be a beginning of something extraordinary…